Sunday, January 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Susanna was so sweet and selected me as one of the bloggers she passed the "Stylish Blogger Award" on to.  Thank you Susanna!  This is a fun way to learn more about your fellow bloggers and to pay tribute to the blogs you enjoy. :)  To pass it on you just post seven things about yourself and send the award on to 15 bloggers.  Here it goes:

1.  I believe singing and dancing can shake off any bad mood.
2.  Reading calms my soul.
3.  My dog has taught me so much about how to just be in the moment.  Go Saddie, you are a zen master!
4.  Drawing and creating crafts are one of my favorite past times.
5.  I love to play guitar and sing.
6.  Writing the old fashioned way - pen and paper - is just plain fun (I love handwriting, it is beautiful).
7.  Last but not least I love to spend time with my family and friends.

And now the fun part!  Time to pay tribute to some fellow artists whose work I love!

I am passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to:
*Check them out I know you love their art! :)

If you decide to participate make sure to pick  up the Stylish Blogger Badge on the left.  -Thank you Melissa for the badge info!

Erika - Flux Imagery

From Jen's Pen

Melissa Liban Illustrations

Heather - Rose Hill Designs

Amariah Raucher

Shirley Ng Benitez

Ann Pilicer

Amalou Studio

Sissy Sparrows

Caroline's Art

Tiffanny's Sketchbook

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Cally Jane Studio


Patti's Page


Missy said...

Hi christie, your blog rocks as well. Just so you know there's a little badge that goes with the stylish blogger award, I just saw it on sombebody else's blog and put it up on mine. so if ya wanna go and grab it.
Reading is very calming! I don't think enough people appreciate good old penmanship anymore! It's great learning more about you!

Amalou said...

Thanks for the award Christie. I'm really flattered, as I'm a fan of your blog too :)

Jennifer Bower said...

Congratulations and I enjoyed learning something new about you! I am deeply flattered as well. My home computer is down but once back up I will be graciously attending to this lovely award.

Shirley said...

Hi Christie - this is such fun..thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and passing on the award! #3, #6 and #7 - I'm right there with ya on those! : ) I will need to think and post about are so kind to add me to your list. And you deserve this wholeheartedly!

Susanna said...

Nice to read more about you and I will take a look to the other blogartist people!

Ann Pilicer said...

Thanks for adding me to your list for the award! that was so thoughtful! Thanks for sharing about yourself. I will have to get to it and pass it along... :D congrats also for you as well you earned it!

A Penny for Your Thoughts said...

Thank you Christie for the award. Iam also flattered and enjoy reading all the comments. I will check into the other bloggers you have listed it is so much fun to take a peek at everyones work. Have a good one and thanks again.